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Ron BauerFounder & Principal

Ron Bauer is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur with over 20 years of financing businesses. He is focused on the Life Sciences, Technology, EdTech and Natural Resources sectors, where he has created a number of exciting ventures side by side some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and scientists as well as world class academic institutions that include Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Cornell and Hebrew University to name a few. He is the Founder of Theseus Capital Ltd, the family office investment vehicle for his portfolio companies.
Ron has a track record of nurturing innovative concepts and supporting dynamic entrepreneurs and scientists, consulting them from early stage angel and seed funding all the way through to public mergers, RTOs or IPOs as well as trade sales with larger companies, both public and private, as well as SPACs. He is experienced in the M&A and Corporate Finance aspects of business and seasoned in the Capital Markets. He has been a major shareholder and principal investor in many companies that trade on leading senior exchanges in the USA, Canada and the UK.
He was the Co-Founder and Director of Turkana Energy, which merged with Africa Oil (TSX: AOI) in July 2009. The company went on to have a peak market value of over $3 Billion CAD, having raised in excess of $1 Billion of equity after Tullow Oil successfully drilled Turkana’s oil concession, Block 10BB. The project has since had over $2 Billion of investment with first oil being delivered to the port in August 2019. The project is now operated by the French Oil Company, Total, in partnership with Tullow and Africa Oil.
Ron is the principal and founding investor in many biotech, tech and natural resources companies. Recently, he was a principal and founding investor in 180 Life Sciences (NASDAQ: ATNF), Pasithea Therapeutics (NASDAQ: KTTA), Stran & Co (NASDAQ: STRN), Genflow Biosciences (LSE: GENF), Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals (LSE: HEMO), and Cognetivity Neurosciences (CSE: CGN).
He has a proven track record of raising capital across all sectors and all geographies in ever changing market conditions. By far Ron’s greatest personal quality is his ability to adapt himself to changing economic climates and diversifying sectors. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Cambridge.

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